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Our Passion

We are on a journey to create an enduring positive impact on the environment and the architectural history of our generation.

History and Archeology Point the Way to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Historical Innovations looked to ancient architectural megalithic stone structures to develop practical solutions to a sustainable future. We are a green tech startup with a long history of experience and exposure to historical restoration work and innovative new construction projects. Our founders have the technical expertise and proven leadership required to propel our venture forward and to set the conditions for increasing economies of scale as we seek to grow.

We Recognize a Dynamic Shift in Home Construction is Necessary

We believe that North America is facing a housing crisis. Not just in the supply of affordable homes, but also in overall quality and energy efficiency. Buildings today are often constructed to minimum building code standards and efficiency of the building envelope is rarely a consideration that home builders focus on when developing large scale housing projects. This short-sighted minimization of costs during the construction of most homes often results in buildings that are inherently inefficient and have poor energy performance. The end result is a building that has a significant and ongoing energy addiction, this results in damage to the environment, ongoing emission of CO2 due to energy demand, and a liability that will significantly impact long term operating costs as energy costs increase.

We Recognize the Barriers to Meaningful Change

Houses today are costing more than ever to develop and build, yet their quality and life expectancy are considered disposable when looking at the long term cost of ownership and their expected life cycle. The North American housing industry seems focused on short term solutions. Rarely are housing developments created to last generations. Quality is often in direct competition with aesthetics and energy efficiency is often not even a factor for consumers as few options exist to meet this necessarily sustainable revolution.

Historical Innovations is on a mission to change that.

We are Able to Meet Extreme Efficiency Standards Now

While most of the marketplace is arguing over an increase of 30% energy and insulation performance, we are ready to go all the way. Our building envelope is scalable in its energy efficiency capability and it can be created to have such extreme efficiency that these buildings will not require a conventional furnace even in the depths of a Canadian Winter. 

The Team

Leadership, dedication and craftsmanship are intrinsic to our team. Our team members have a track record of proven industry experience and are setting the conditions to propel Historical Innovations to be a leader in the speculation built housing development market. We are ready to work directly with Developers and Builders to meet their project needs and rapidly move housing developments from vision and design onward to completion. 

Rob Andrushko.jpg

Rob Andrushko


Construction Industry Experience:

• 22yrs in historical restoration & new construction, religious buildings and high end homes

• Tradesman: Slate Roofing, Copper Smith, Masonry Restoration

• Site Supervisor: Experience in large projects in excess of $11Mil

• Estimating

• Project Management and Training Director

Military Experience:

• 15+ years Canadian Armed Forces, Infantry Officer, 8+ years as a Company Commander

• Commanded 450 X staff and soldiers at the 4th Canadian Division Training Center Meaford, ON

• 2018-2019 posted as Officer Commanding Leadership Company in Petawawa, On

• Specialist Instructor in the Road 2 Mental Resiliency, Respect in the Canadian Armed Forces and other specialized programs


• Bachelor of Business Admin and Bachelor of Arts Major in Philosophy, Memorial University

• Specialization in Environmental Ethics

• Command and Staff College: Army Operations Course

• Tactics School: Tactical Operations Course & Infantry Dismounted Company Commander Course


Position Vacant

Structural Engineer

We are looking to partner with a passionate and credited structural engineer with experience in the ICI sector.

Sunset in Mountain

Position Vacant

Land Development Specialist

We are looking to partner with an experienced land development specialist that is passionate about sustainable communities and creating housing projects that are in harmony with our precious ecosystem.

Architecture Illustration

Position Vacant

Architectural Technoligist

We are looking to partner with an Architectural Technologist who is keen to design buildings that are Net Zero emissions, sustainable, practical and affordable. Passive House accreditation and experience is preffered.

Calculate Savings

Position Vacant

Real Property Finance Specialist

We are looking to partner with an experienced real estate financing professional who has established experience with traditional and non-traditional funding initiatives. 

Financial Report

Position Vacant


We are looking to partner with an experienced financial professional who has worked within the construction industry and understands the intricacies of cash flow and fiscal management of construction projects. 

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