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Our Technology

Who would have thought that a practical solution to climate change and the preservation of planet earth could be the earth itself?

The stone walls of our extraordinarily efficient buildings are formed from earth mixed with a cement binder and waterproofing admixture.

The Problem

Climate change is the challenge of our generation. Growing evidence is driving international consensus for action to limit global warming. Buildings consume up to 40% of global energy use and contribute up to 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions – they are a key piece of the puzzle towards a low-carbon future.​

The Challenge

• Affordable, durable and ecologically sustainable buildings

• Extreme efficiency with superior longevity

• Reduction and capture of CO2

• Elimination of fossil fuel dependence – NetZero – Off Grid

• Use of renewable resources and reduction of harmful materials

• Reduce the cost to build sustainable homes and communities

• Sustainable development with reduced environmental impact

• Reduction of specialized trade

• Develop buildings to last centuries not decades


• Few industry competitors have longevity and efficiency as a business criterion.

• Demand for sustainable and efficient homes is high in an underserved market.

• Consumers are demanding durability and efficiency.

• Energy costs will rise in the future.

• Passive House, NetZero or similar efficiency standards will become commonplace.


Historical Innovations Value Proposition

Historical Innovations will provide homeowners with elegant buildings that lower their carbon footprint, easily meet NetZero, reduce operating costs and last centuries, not decades.

Historical Innovations Mission Statement

We build extraordinarily efficient, sustainable buildings.

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