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Historical Innovations demonstration project ready to take shape.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

In winter of 2021/2022 Historical Innovations will begin to validate the performance of our demonstration project.

Historical Innovations is gearing up to build a demonstration project in Grey Bruce region.

Validation of our building envelope performance will take place in real world Canadian Climate conditions. Energy modelling and climate data will be compared to actual thermal performance.

Building to the rigorous Passive House standard will allow our demonstration project to meet Net Zero emissions easily. By constructing an extraordinarily efficient building envelope, going off grid becomes easier to attain and more affordable. When a building requires less energy to operate due to inherent efficiency, creating and storing a smaller level of energy due to reduced demand onsite becomes practical.

A Manifest Solution to Climate Change

Affordable, sustainable and efficient homes are in demand. We aim to meet this demand and are looking to build green communities with sustainability as a central theme.

As we develop our production capacity to a level which creates economies of scale, we are eager to showcase our demonstration project as an example of what we can accomplish.

Historical Innovations is devoted to the next generation in housing development.

We are in the process of partnering with an accredited educational institution focused on sustainability for follow on study, testing and research of projects.


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