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Historical Innovations

We build extraordinarily efficient, sustainable buildings.

We are a Green Tech Startup that believes homeowners want elegant buildings that lower their carbon footprint, reduce operating costs and last centuries not decades.


A Manifest Response to Climate Change

Historical Innovations is a green tech company with a passion to build extremely efficient, affordable and sustainable buildings that will reduce our collective carbon footprint. Our unique buildings provide a safe, enduring and manifest answer to climate change. Our buildings have superior fire, water and noise resistance. The monolithic stone walls are built with a precise mix of earth, waterproofing admixture and a cement binder which is compressed into forms layer by layer to create a monolithic sedimentary stone wall system that is able to literally last forever. Our buildings are ultra-high performance and allow for a significant reduction of operating and construction costs and the resources required to build them. We utilize innovative construction technology to create the most ecologically responsible building envelope available which also reduces harmful emissions, off-gassing and maintenance. Our construction methodology has innovated an ancient and proven building technique that humankind has been utilizing successfully for millennia. Our monolithic stone buildings last longer, cost less, are more efficient and are in harmony with nature and our precious ecosystem.


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Research Mechanisms and Data Analysis:

The Building Envelope is the Key to Unlocking Lasting Efficiency

Building efficiency begins with the building envelope. To eliminate CO2 emissions and reduce energy demands, a building requires a super-insulated, super-sealed building envelope with thermal mass within and superior windows and doors thereby setting the conditions for the elimination of fossil fuel heat sources in the winter and mechanical cooling in the summer. Utilizing Passive House principles ensures the development of ecologically sustainable buildings that will stand the test of time. It begins with extensive planning and energy modelling that also considers the resources and orientation available at each site. Each building is designed with longevity and extreme efficiency in mind.

Passive House Principles
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What Makes Us Different:

Our Approach to Climate Change


Monolithic insulated stone walls are formed in place to create the strongest and most efficient building envelope at a cost compatible with conventional wood-framed construction. Our buildings are constructed with solid stone similar to the cathedrals of Europe. The insulated stone walls also act as a thermal battery that helps modulate the temperature within the building. Our stone buildings offer unparalleled protection from the elements and instill a feeling of safety and security that will stand for generations. 

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